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No matter whether you are about to take a flight alone or with your family, if you are going on a honeymoon or on a business trip, if you are travelling with cabin baggage or with excessive luggage – the quality of your travel depends on the comfort of the transport you take.

We are proud that the number of passengers preferring Aeroexpress grows with each year. Our comfortable trains pick up new travelers daily to get them to the airport in time.
Aeroexpress has become even more convenient!
There was an intermediate stop at the Okruzhnaya station in the direction of Belorussky Station - Sheremetyevo Airport, as well as the Upper Boilers station in the direction of Paveletsky Station - Domodedovo Airport. You can choose the most convenient place for embarkation and disembarkation, transfer to the desired type of urban transport.
Belorussky railway station

Sheremetyevo airport
50 min.

Kievsky railway station

Vnukovo airport
35 min.

Paveletsky railway station

Domodedovo airport
45 min.

A comfortable trip
Relax in a comfortable chair of Aeroexpress, order a snack, take a nap, check something through our free wi-fi or read the new issue of our magazine.

Each train has a comfortable temperature inside. Comfortable shelves and luggage compartments are available for passengers’ use.
Flexible fare system
Choose the one that suits you best

Offline payment

The standard fare ticket
can be bought at the register,
at the ticket-printing machine
or at the airport turnstiles.
The price is 500 roubles.

Online payment

and in the mobile app.
The cost is — 500 roubles. Buy tickets


Save 150 roubles
when buying the
two way ticket Buy tickets
«Aeroexpress Bonus» program
Loyalty program members can buy the ticket only for 1 rouble.
Find out more about terms and benefits.
Double-decker Aeroexpress
Aeroexpress will launch its’ first double-decker train in 2017.

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